On Construction

All acts of creation are the same art. The product of a series of choices informed by your previous choices and experiences that come together performatively in the moment to create a suggestion. These suggestions then stack together to form further suggestions. Making a movie is the same series of choices as making a chair, a painting, a cake or a conversation. Everything in our world is now a sequence.

On Animism

Everything in your environment is something you should be aware of and is with you as you exist. To imbue personality onto objects and other beings is baseline empathy as they exist with you. Each thing affects everything else and this is the best construct for making suggestions.

On Context and Style

Art is a series of conceptual hypotheses received almost entirely as an aesthetic contribution. This chasm causes an incorrect understanding of style in art. Images are now so prevalent that individual images are no longer useful and that the only true image we have now is a series of images. Our narratives and opinions of individual pieces are subconsciously influenced by flows of imagery that we are exposed to but don’t remain conscious of due to the sheer number of images we now take in. To combat this an artist must move with it producing images in sequences and groups. Style is now seen when viewed from above.

Loose Statements from Old Statements

Shape and Color Have Feeling.
All things have motion.
All actions impact.
Motion and Shape are Personality.
Arrangement is rhythm.
Place is purpose.
Gesture is comforting.
Color is pop music.
Play is pattern.
Works are poems.
Art is not an excuse.
Rules make taste.
Work fills a bucket.
Buckets overflow into other buckets.
If it can’t be lived with it was not worth it.

Pattern Language in Painting and Making

Work as a series of decisions comes from structure, intentional production is an amalgamation of the objects in the intended environment filtered through the objects that already exist there and how they interact. Material choice, color, and the object itself all originate from the way one filters the environment through their own perceptions of what needs to exist in that space. To bring it alive, to jolt it, to rearrange it, or to comment even on the people that inhabit it. That’s how we do anything, perceive the environment and make a suggestion to correct, advance, enhance or reduce it. Creative work is not presented to a vacuum, all works are not thoughts but interventions from a place in which the work did not exist. Work that is a blurt instead of statement or conversation is incomplete.