Aldous Hare
Designer Artist Maker
[Are They The Same Thing]
[They Are The Same Thing]
b. 1984 Philadelphia
Works – TBD

Aldous makes furniture, drawings, paintings, photographs, and sculpture often concerned with the idea of imbuing life, charm or character into a shape or object.

He once saw his endeavors as a mission to create a new more playful aesthetic in an invented world but now sees the need to take traditional, natural, newly combined, and humanist materials and twist them in ways that make suggestions for better, happier, more sustainable, self-directed ways to live in the world we already have to work with.

From an art perspective Aldous is interested in animism, play, performance, precarity, intentional imperfection, jargon, rules, high and low, truth and lie, mischief, material feel, gravity, craft, color, rhythm, gesture, wonk, purpose, livability vs. litter, how to relate to the pre-internet and how a collection or series of things or images becomes a new thing or image itself.

This work can be viewed as two practices (design/imagination and art) or it can be viewed as the related output of the continual questioning of his own obsessions through a repetitive process that forms his practice and composes a conversation with himself and with the people he presents his work to. What should be made? What do we need? What should we live with? Do we own it? How should we live with it? What should be suggested? Who needs a suggestion? What should we look at? What should be taken in? What should we do? and Why are we saying it? Can it be funny? Is it fun? Is it worthwhile? Shouldn’t we be dancing or playing music?

As a result this website is not a formal presentation but a series of improvisations. You come here to see what is being thought about. This is not a direct art or design experience but a way of speaking. The idea for now is to watch it stack up into something.

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